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Things Must Be Taken Care before Leaving For Hajj and Umrah

Whenever you get a chance in your life to visit Makkah for performing Umrah and Hajj, a journey of lifetime. Promise yourself and this pilgrimage will make a change in your life, you will not perform it just as a physical activity but this sacred journey will bring spiritual transformation in your personality. Promise yourself that you are going to begin pilgrimage and you will fulfil all the rites and rituals in a way thought by Islam. Start a modest plan strictly when you are intending to visit Makkah, and every moment from very start pf your sacred journey until you drink water from the well of Zamzam and performing last ritual which is halq and taqseer will be greatly rewarded. If you have already performed religious obligation of Hajj and Umrah multiple times and you are still financial capable to afford the sacred journey then try to sponsor someone else to fulfil of their dream of sacred journey, who has never performed the pilgrimage before.

If we are among those blessed Muslim who got chance to walk the streets of Makkah and perform acts of worship in sacred masjids, then we have a responsibility to perform all the rituals and acts of worship in a accurate manner and for this it is necessary to study each and every matter regarding Hajj or Umrah so you will not perform any ritual in wrong manner. When we reach our homes after returning back from Makkah, we must embody and shows the perfection of our character and display the virtuous and best of manners.

It is necessary for all Muslims who intend to perform the minor or major pilgrimage to have all of the required vaccinations before leaving home.

Before Leaving For Hajj or Umrah:

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