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Essential Health Tips for Umrah

It is very important for pilgrims who are going to perform Umrah to observe things and situations and avoid exposing himself to hardships and difficulties. Every pilgrim is suggested to undergo a medical test to confirm that they are free from disease. Pilgrims also get proper vaccinations against contagious diseases like meningitis and typhoid before starting their sacred voyage.

While on Umrah and during the whole journey, pilgrims are advised to must eat healthy food items, drink clean water (zamzam water is highly recommended) and ensure good self hygiene and cleanliness. Try to keep away from the illness and sickness. When you are packing your luggage for Umrah journey, make small first aid bag. As for people with continuous and chronic diseases, they must carry all their necessary and important medicines for the complete duration of the Umrah. It is very essential to stick to fresh and hygienic food and maintain balanced diet. Since the minor pilgrimage Umrah involves a good combination of physical efforts but because of the direct exposure to sunlight for long time period, it is important to eat healthy and energy-preserving foods and try to drink plenty of fluids as much as possible to save yourself from dehydration. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit will also help you greatly. Avoid fake hawker who sell food on the roadside. Never eat in cheap restaurants that do not look hygienically clean. If you feel vomit or diarrhoea rush quickly to the nearest medical clinic for treatment, most probably you are suffering from food poisoning.

Usually the most common issue that occurs because of the sun waves and its symptoms usually start with feeling of exhaustion and then comes the stage of hard heat fatigue, which occurs in most of the cases of heatstroke. This could be accompanied by weakness, headache, and dizziness.

A pilgrim can prevent himself from this by avoiding going out in intense heat as much as possible, try to prevent from direct exposure to the sun waves, drinking huge amount of water and fluids.

Instructions Regarding Health:

    * Follow all the instructions concerning health, particularly those related to personal and general hygiene.

    * Eat clean and properly cooked, packed and fresh food, liquids, juices dairy product.

    * Avoid going out in heat and direct sunlight.

    * Consult a doctor and visit the nearest medical clinic as soon as a person feels any fatigue or exhaustion or other symptoms of illness so he will take preventive and remedial measures at an early stage.

    * Give due attention to other pilgrims and helps them too and if you find symptoms transfer that patient quickly to the hospital immediately.

As helping other is what Islam teaches Muslims and we should keep this in mind throughout performing Umrah.

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