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Eligibility Criteria for Performing Umrah and Hajj

Islam is a religion that promotes peace and ease for its Believers. Islam wants from its followers to be good and better Muslims and always stay on the path of righteousness. There are five basic pillars of religion Islam that are obligatory to perform on all Muslims and other than the most basic pillar of Tawheed, rest of the pillars have some kind of easiness of every regard in it. For instance, Namaz is obligatory to perform upon Muslim; however, if a person can not able to perform it in the prescribed way because of any reason, they can do it while in sitting posture, if still that is not possible to perform while sitting then a person can do it while lying down. Islam is a religion that brings ease to a Muslim in all ways and another such example of Islam being considerate of the Muslims is the obligation of annual pilgrimage Hajj. Below we will discuss the eligibility and conditions which are necessarily to be met in order to perform annual pilgrimage Hajj with ease.


The basic and perhaps the most significant factor that needs to be present in a person who is willing to Hajj is Faith or Iman. A person can not perform Hajj or receive its religious blessings and benefits if he or she does not have faith. Now there are two levels, the first level is having strong faith in ALLAH Almighty. A person can not be considered Muslim without having strong faith in ALLAH Almighty and if a Muslim does not have belief this and doesn’t have faith in the Supremacy of ALLAH Almighty then there is not any point of performing Hajj. The second level of faith concerns to the faith in pilgrimage Hajj being an act of worship in which a person visit the House of ALLAH Almighty in Makkah the Holy Kaaba and performs all the rites and rituals of Hajj and worships on ALLAH Almighty. If a person thinks that Hajj is just a set of some activities, then a person will do all the rites like activities and then there can not possibly be any reward and blessings for it, unless the true spirit of Imaan or faith in it. Therefore, if a person is thinking to go for a sacred trip for performing Hajj, Muslim has to have true faith ALLAH Almighty. Only Muslims are allowed to enter in city Makkah, Non-Muslims are strictly not allowed to enter in the sacred city Makkah. As Holy Kaaba is the most sacred and Holy Place so it is needed that a person must be Muslim or else there is concern of any Non-Muslim to visit city Makkah.

Being Sensible and Adult:

Hajj is an annual event of gathering of great number of peoples that reaches to millions, where Muslims visit the Holy Kaaba for performing Hajj from many different corners of the world and gather at one place and worship ALLAH Almighty by performing a prescribed set of rites and ritual in an order. In order to perform Hajj a person has to do reading and research and find out the obligation and all the necessary acts of Hajj so he will be able then to perform all rites in proper manner and in order to do so a Muslim is also needed to be a sane and adult.

A child cannot be considered to perform Hajj as he or she does not properly know about the importance and obligations of performing Hajj and also a child cannot perform the physical effort that is necessarily required in pilgrimage Hajj, moreover, children also miss the actual feel and essence of Hajj which makes all the efforts void even if a child succeed in doing all the physical effort required. Sanity is another important factor that is also needs to be there in order for a Muslim to be eligible for Hajj. Hajj is an event of mass gathering from different nation so it is imperative that all the Muslims present in the gathering understand their duties and responsibilities and do not make things problematic and difficult for themselves and for also others. All these things are not possible for an insane person, so for this reason, in order to perform Hajj a person needs to be sane and must be in his or her senses. Therefore, in for the Hajj a person needs to be sane adult with all senses intact to perform all the rites and rituals.


The period, in which religion Islam came to humanity, there was the trend of enslavement and that was also continued centuries afterwards all over the world. Majority of people who converted their religion to Islam they were either slaves or very poor, because of this reason Islam tells us the situation and condition of the slaves when it came to performing Hajj, Muslim obligations. Pertaining to the obligation of performing Hajj, religion Islam has made it a condition that a person should be a free in order to perform the annual pilgrimage Hajj or if a person is a slave then he needs to ask for permission from their master for performing Hajj. And those who are bound strictly to some master and cannot get leave for Hajj so without the permission of their mater they are not able to perform Hajj despite of the fact that they can fulfil the rest of the conditions and requirements.

Physically and Financially Able:

The two most important factors that pilgrimage Hajj requires from a person are finances and good health. Hajj requires too much physical effort in which the pilgrims have to circumambulation around the Holy Kaaba seven times which is known as ‘Tawaaf’. Then pilgrims have to do run between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times which is known as ‘Saaee’ and pilgrims also have to through stones at three Pillars of Shaitan at the place Jamarat known as Rami Al Jamarat in addition to the excessive prayers and acts of worshiping. Therefore, in order to perform all these tasks properly and successfully a person needs to be physically fit and healthy. On the other hand, the travelling to city Makkah, hotel accommodation there, transportation and eating there all require huge finances. If a person is facing lack of finances then staying in Makkah for weeks can become too much difficult for a pilgrim, therefore, it is necessary that before going to Hajj a person must confirm that he or she is physically able to afford the sacred trip and that there are sufficient amount of money is available to support the trip.

Hence, a Muslim has to be financially and economically sound and able to make the sacred trip. If a person does not have enough money and for performing Hajj he has to borrow the money to someone to make the journey possible then Hajj is not compulsory to perform on him. In the case when a person’s family is left in debt or with insufficient finance, it is recommended for him to stay at home until he becomes financially able. Muslims with some kind of physical disabilities are also not considered obligatory to go on Hajj. Therefore, only those people who are physically and economically able to perform the rigorous rites and rituals of Hajj are recommended to do so.

Hajj is physically demanding religious obligation and it should be done by only those people who meet the financial and physical requirements. Hajj is obligatory for only those people who are financially and physically able. Being able to perform all the rites and rituals of Hajj means that a person is sound in body and has enough means of expenditures to reach the sacred House of ALLAH Almighty. The money that a person uses to reach the sacred House of ALLAH Almighty the Holy Kaaba should be in surplus to all his basic needs. If a person has a burden of debt, and he does not sufficient money to perform Hajj and also pay off the debt, then it is suggested to him that he should pay off the debt first and when he becomes financially able after paying the debt then visit Makkah to perform Hajj. Now Muslims can visit Makkah to perform Umrah by taking December Umrah Packages of Diana Travels, which makes your sacred journey memorable.