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Danger of Sunstroke While Hajj and Umrah

It is well known that most of Saudi Arabia lies in one of the hottest regions in the world. When it coincides with weather of summer, the temperature during the season of Hajj goes between 44-50°C. Also the rate of moisture goes between 10-15%. With this the body temperature increases because of control failure in the human brain centre of controlling the human body temperature, the Hypothalamus.

It has been found that it has a great effect on falling pilgrim to sunstroke. Peoples having low-pigmented skin which never used to be subjected for such high temperature are more becomes victim of sunstroke than the residents of tropical areas. In addition to this, the aged pilgrims, the fat, the people with frail bodies, and the patients of diabetes, blood pressure, and heart failure are easily get attacked by this problem.

Sunstroke not only attacks those people who are subjected to sun. Rather, it attacks those who stand before scorching heat waves and those who live in high temperature region for a long time. The recommended remedy in this case is preserving the body from high temperature or else it loses high amounts of sweat. Sunstroke also happens because of the evaporation of water from body through sweating and with this body temperature increases causing the body attacked by sunstroke.

Symptoms of Sunstroke:

The symptoms of sunstroke can be seen in the sudden increase of body temperature, redness and dryness of skin, headache, stomach pains, and loss of consciousness, dizziness, stomach disturbances, and the increase of white blood cells (leukocytes).

There may be also some other sort of imbalance felt in form of hallucination. In some other cases, there may be a diarrhoea and vomit. This will take further a person into a state of severe condition and serious shock. This may cause failure in any system of body. The body parts that are mostly affected by sunstroke are liver, heart lungs, kidneys, brain and muscles. It can be felt in a form of bleeding within the cells of these body organs. In some cases the person also may be subjected to loss of balance or hemiplegia.

Remedy To Defend Yourself against Sunstroke

It is very important for a pilgrim to defend himself against sunstroke. The first way is to keep away yourself with direct contact of sunrays. It is very importance to educate people about the causes and dangers of being under the sun for long periods. In addition, a person should drink plenty of water (preferably Zamzam Water) and drinks.

The best ways to minimize the high temperature of the affected patient is to put him in AC room, covering him with wet light sheet and provide him chill water.

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